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JetBlue adds non-stop flights between New York and Costa Rica

Starting Nov. 1, the United States-based carrier will fly between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

It’s JetBlue’s first non-stop offering to the San José area from the northeastern United States. Currently, the airline flies here from the Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

JetBlue also already offers nonstop service between New York-JFK and Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR) in Liberia.

JetBlue’s new flight will operate as follows using an Airbus A320-series airplane:
Departs JFK at 6:30 p.m., arriving in the San José area at 10:50 p.m.
Departs SJO at 11:59 p.m., arriving in New York City at 6:09 a.m.

“The A320 has a capacity for 150 passengers, so we are adding 23,400 new seats from our main market, the United States of America,” said Maria Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism. “We offered to strengthen Costa Rica’s air connectivity, and each new announcement is an …

Is Work From Home an Employer Branding Strategy?

An exciting way to attract talent is when your job description appear the title work from home, there is a reason for now in this times candidates are preferring remote positions, traffic and weak early are part inconveniences.

Think about stress and anxiety you can avoid morning routine and is important considered productivity having a few extra hours and work from home can improve integral environment and reduce operative cost for companies.

Common problems going to an office are traffic, work environment, transportation, etc. When companies detected a low productivity of their employees a good option are remote position. Technology improve communication and logistic inclusive monitoring productivity.

Employer can improving the way of recruiter are hiring talent, as today companies are experimenting how adapt remote position in different areas are opening work-from-home depending nature or job position because is obviously that a hospital nurse can not work from home.

A problem of …

How to Avoid High Pricing in IT Outsourcing?

HR industry is so fierce, everyday exist new staffing or freelance agencies worldwide and competitors are analyzing how get talent qualified and trained team for job requirements, outsourcing services now are so common and big companies yield their responsibilities to external resources.

Since 1969 US companies are working with outsourcing and now this business model is adapted around world, countries as India, Ukraine, Mexico, Syria, Costa Rica or inclusive entire continents are dedicated to outsource services in technology, healthcare, manufacture, etc.

Offshore development rates in Central and Southern America range from $30 to $50, in Eastern Europe average outsourcing rates are $25-$50, in Asia and Africa offshore developers charge $18-$40. Hiring software engineers is more complicated depending region, language and culture.

Latin American countries have important advantage excluding African or Asian countries, based in performance and talent and education Latin American countri…

Outsourcing Agencies: Pros and Cons

Human resources in numerous companies are the principal problem, the hiring process can be a headache because  workers profiles not are most indicated usually for job position, exist a department in bigger companies just for recruitment and selection of personal, HR can be automatize with a staffing, outsourcing or freelance companies.
Depending on the size of the companies, management can be complicated, is not the same to manage 10 or 500 employees, the difference consists in the management and criteria to measure productivity of t workers, the technology can be easier the journey with CRM specialized in management, productivity, communication, workflow, logistics, etc.

Identify what is the pain of the company is facing, look always an easy way to solve them, sometimes is a good option to contract an external solution as a freelance or staffing agency.

What characteristics I should know for choose a Outsourcing Agency?
Cost per Hire  The majority of this agencies have expensive rat…

Using Social Media to Attract Technical Talent

Social Media are part our lives and are changing the communication channels, shopping form, inclusive ways to recruit talent. Social networks platform allow that job positions can reach to more people and our ads have more impact, attracting more talent and people interested in work in our company.

In the past job positions was posting in newspapers and another conventional media, using social networks can improve hiring deadline and resources invested is a hard work. today job seekers rely in social networks to search and apply to a job. Identify where they are gather to bring job positions in front of they and recruit them. 

Most popular social sites to hire talent are: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but exist another marketplaces to hire good talent for example, Toptal, X-Team and 4Geeks Teams.A difference between social sites and marketplaces is about management and deadline of talent. Posting jobs in this social platform can improve visibility of jobs ads to potential candidate…

How to Setup a Great Job Interview?

Interviews in screening process is a fundamental step to recruit successful. Do not exist a guide to standard interviews, all are different because all people have different personalities and skills. It define how company are looking for, exist profiles and abilities that are necessary to job position.

First you need to filter candidates resumes by skills and job requirements. Put attention on candidate's experience, skills, educations and past job recommendations. Filtering resumes is not an easy work depends of experience and artfulness.

Ingredients for a successful interview Does not exist ingredients for a successful interview, just be spontaneous and clear about the company are looking for, checklist and profiles not all time comply with goals in the organizations.

Is important to have clear objectives and maybe a list of attribute requirements as an inspiration, job descriptions is an important tool about companies requirements and  define profiles and minimal skills for ea…

Experience or Potential in the Recruitment of Software Engineers?

With more and more software developers autodidacts and companies often hiring to meet deadlines, fill a vacancy quickly or take on new projects, a debate has emerged on whether a young candidate’s potential can outdo another’s years of hands-on experience.

The difficulty of funding studies while still having not found regular, full-time employment, coupled with the impracticality of studying to enhance one’s skills once installed in the workforce full-time means that many software developers are taking the initiative to study at home, to bring their skills set to a higher level and enhance their chances of getting hired.

Such a do-it-yourself approach is common in Latin America, for example, where a student’s access to a costly course may be limited, or courses may not be available in their location, and which can result in a candidate for a position within a software company being well qualified, but without necessarily having the required coursework on their CV.

This DIY approach ca…

5 Strategies to Manage Remote Teams Worldwide

Management could be difficult due numerous factors, the distance and task planification and activities produce procrastination and bad results for the organizations, manage remotes teams is a challenge to mid a big size companies.

Analyzing the performance with KPI's can improve the results to the companies, look for metrics and evaluate weak point and how to fix that.

Remote teams around the world are managed by big companies to improve operations saving money and resources. Manage teams is not easy; time-zone and culture could difficult this process. Many companies assign a leader or team leader as mediator between clients and providers.

How Can I manage remote teams?
1. Hiring Talent  First step to manage remote teams is to putting together a team. Hiring process could be a huge problem if not have enough experience and don't have idea about the market rates.

Exist numerous ways to hire success talent. For example4Geeks Teams have experience hiring software engineer on-deman…

How Accelerators Can Add Value to Startups

According to the latest Global Accelerator Report, there were over 579 accelerators operating worldwide, deploying more than US$206 million into thousands of startups per year, but with the recent uptick in entrepreneurship activity, that number could grow significantly.

Latin America is a growing market for accelerators, and in Chile alone there are more than 80 programs supporting entrepreneurs, ranging from accelerators to competitions for equity-free grants.

While Y Combinator in Silicon Valley piloted accelerator programs, Start-Up Chile arguably acts as the regional role model for Latin America. Just as the launch of YC triggered an explosion of accelerators in the US, dozens – if not hundreds – of programs have cropped up across Latin America in the nine years since Start-Up Chile debuted.

However, not all accelerators are created equal. And with so many available options, it has become increasingly more challenging to attract the top startups to apply. For accelerators who do …

[SOLVED] My Team is Working in Different Time-Zones, I Can't Progress Anymore.

I know tons of startup founders, product managers and decision makers who come to me and say me: "Hey Allan, my team is working in different time-zones, I can't progress anymore. I need to change my software development team... I can't keep meeting at nights only".

This is very common issue what clients comes to 4Geeks.

I'm assuming your current provider, software developers and consultants are located in Asia or Europe. That's OK, but your product need a robust vision, leadership, communication, and team collaboration. If your ideas are not well received, your product won't scale.

Planning success is not an easy task. I really know how frustrating could be to move task to "backlog" column and see how weeks moves on.... over and over.

You're not alone. In this blog post I will provide you exactly answers and options I advise our more important clients. I want to be 100% transparent with you.

Speed is key to success. Are you with me? Great. C…

5 KPIs to Hire Software Engineers That You Should Know

Recruiters and HR people are committing the same wrongs, if not define KPI's metrics and define a hiring plan, maybe your efforts are not have positive results, in business and recruiting the phrase: if you not measure, you do not know how to improve.

Times are changing and get talent is more difficult and the staffing and outsourcing agencies fight to get more qualified employees.

Is important define the plan, companies could be able to collate information and filter data with specifications and profiles skills, evaluate process is necessary to improve weak areas and do not waste efforts and time. While all companies have different contract systems and protocols exist standard steps to be efficient with KPI´s metrics.

1. Effective Channels Look for talent start with a good hiring sources and channels of communications, the social networks and websites are effective channels to put ads and jobs positions, years ago the newspapers and magazines was channels of communications, not …

Save 55% by Hiring Software Teams in Latin America

Some companies and startups are planning to hire software engineers. The hire process is so difficult nowadays, an advice is optimization of hiring process with agencies or freelances resources, balance the benefits and strengths when outsource services, analyze the benefits and focus your talent in another challenges.

Outsourcing services is an option to get trained talent and an excellent price, difference with nearshore and another kind of services is manage time and tasks, key benefits of the nearshore are have a team reducing operating cost, taxes, payroll and bonus. By the other side the offshore can difficult the deadline, the culture and time zone can be an interference the relationship with clients.

Language in the nearshore companies improve the relationship with clients and reduce the border between cultures, an  example are Latin America countries that improve communications than Asian countries, US companies are contracting nearshore companies to manage their employees i…

5 Steps to Hire Python Developers

The most inconvenience recruiters is to get talent employees, have a criteria and knowledge to choose the best option, the steps do not depends about a checklist, the experience and a skills can be difference between a success hiring process. It applies for Python developers or any other tech stack

Take note to 5 steps to improve your recruiting journey:
1. Simplification When you contract to developers, you should have a plan, it is similar as plan vacations, the recruiters have to structure and describe skills of the ideal employee. Measure skills and capabilities and score the candidates and establish the budget to contract, verify the region rates to have the best talent by a excellent price.   

2. Interviews Just when you speak with someone have a criteria to take a decision, a hiring tips is better have a short phone calls and filter them, the time optimization can improve with filters and tasks, schedule a calendar interviews, assign a time to plan and analyze metrics and s…

Latin America or Asia-based Software Developers?

Software developers based in Asia, specifically in countries like Singapore, India or Vietnam, are very popular nowadays for startups and companies based in Canada and United States. The main reason why they are popular is because of pricing.

But Latin America-based software developers are a strong option if you 100% committed with your business success. In countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia or Argentina you could find top software developers to join the team.

I don't want to compare talent or ethnics, I just want to print the full picture for you, and give more options to scale your product development, customers and business.

At 4Geeks we have been supporting small, mid-size and big companies to design, develop and market their digital products. So, this is my point of view.

Let me give you options. Some point to keep in mind:

#1 - Communication: You know communication is key part to design and develop digital products. It’s not a copied skill but learned. Backed by ton…